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At Shower Pan Guys, we provide our customers with a wide choice of shower pan and shower pan liner services to satisfy the ever rising demand. You will find anything from one piece to multiple piece shower pans to suit your bathroom needs. When it comes to shower pan, it is important that various issues be addressed by the professionals. Our experts have the necessary experience and knowledge in the design and installation of the shower pans or shower liner at your residential or commercial property in a most efficient way. Repair and maintenance are also carried out at unbelievably low prices so as to enable you make a budget you can manage. Contact us on 888-670-3340 and share with us your thoughts on how your shower experience can be enhanced.


Custom designed shower pan Services

At Shower Pan Guys, we provide customized services to our clients so that they can enjoy individualized services. This is an important aspect of business it ensures that each and every specification of the client is borne in mind and reflects in the final outcome of either the shower pan or shower pan liner. Our experts will be by your side right from the procurement stage all the way to the installation stage, guiding you on how to make the best decision in the acquisition of these shower accessories. There are good intentions in the tips and advice you get from them because ultimately, it is all about making the most out of your time, effort and money. That said, there are some areas of our specialty that we lay a lot of emphasis on.



Our standard of service is beyond reproach. Our personnel distinguish themselves from the rest in terms of discipline. You may have had a bad experience with rude, careless, intoxicated or ill mannered technicians from other companies. They do shoddy work and leave you with mess to clean long after they are gone. This will not happen with our personnel; otherwise you will be entitled to a free service.

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Our repair work is aimed at ensuring that the parts of the shower pan line or shower pan are in order. The parts repaired should function normally without any problem. Should this fail to materialize, we have a warranty in our contract that stipulates that you are entitled to a repeat repair at no cost.

Replacement install

The installation of any fitting or accessory is made with the premise that it will function as per expectation. Some installations may have a factory defect that may not have been detected. In our routine inspection, we may find this to be the cause. In the event these accessories fail to work properly, we carry out replacement install whereby the non-functional accessories are uninstalled and new ones installed for free. You are also entitled to a refund.

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